If you ask people in the US what logos they like and recognise, they'll name Target or Nike. - Michael Bierut

If you ask people in the US what logos they like and recognise, they'll name Target or Nike.

by Michael Bierut

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I believe sans serif typefaces - today upheld as models of neutrality and legibility - were called "Grotesques" in the 19th century because people thought they were hideous. But now we're used to them.

It's hard to predict what will happen as reading on screen becomes more of a universal norm, and when the formats dictated by social media - Twitter's 140-character limit, for instance - start to influence what we're used to.

...use design as a secret disguise to infiltrate whatever world you want to go into. If you do that over and over again, and then translate that interest and curiosity into the work that you’re doing, you’ll do great.

When Nike says, just do it, that's a message of empowerment. Why aren't the rest of us speaking to young people in a voice of inspiration?

I am just happy to be part of the Nike family.

The only one who can tell you "You can't" is you. And you don't have to listen.-Nike

I remember when you could always rely on those little street kids to pop a few people for the latest Nikes," Vice-President John said. "Now people get mugged for Reeboks, for Adidas - for generics, for Christ's sake.

Ah swear, ah will croak if she asks me for a pair of Nikes instead of Christian Louboutins!

Storytelling is the game. It's what we all do.

We wanted Nike to be the world's best sports and fitness company. Once you say that, you have a focus. You don't end up making wing tips or sponsoring the next Rolling Stones world tour.

In the 'Nike Economy,' there are no standards, no borders and no rules. Clearly, the global economy isn't working for workers in China and Indonesia and Burma any more than it is for workers here in the United States.

Nike has always been a business about excellence and achievement.

Nike store won't accept my Starbucks card as payment. Come on guys, just do it.

Nike is a marketing-oriented company, and the product is our most important marketing tool.

I'll leave you with one that I have hanging on my office wall, compliments of Nike: Impossible is nothing.

Nike doesn't want to make products for everyone - they want to make products for champions.

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