Sure, they are the future of our world. Nike and Reebok need more factory workers every day. - Zach Braff

Sure, they are the future of our world. Nike and Reebok need more factory workers every day.

by Zach Braff

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At this point I feel like I could go out and accomplish anything. I'd just love to see Will Smith's face if he found out I, Z-Braff, have the number one rap album in the country. That'd show that no-talent uncle tom.

I really do take more vacations than the president. You can quote me on that.

I don't care about image and all that nonsense. I'm in sweat pants every day. I don't play the game at all.

Well it's not that I HATE them, but honestly if I saw two homeless people begging for money, one white and one black, and I only had one quarter... Well I'd probably keep it actually.

I'm not saying I hate Jews, I'm just saying that I think they shouldn't be alive any more.

I'm sick of people saying I hate blacks, women, and gays. It's false and slanderous. Everyone who knows me knows I hate the Chinese.

Well I can understand why men want it to be legal. Obviously they're all hoping they might get to marry me someday. I hate to burst their bubble, but they should just give it up now. Zach Braff doesn't sway that way, you know?

Yea, I had a dream too. Looks like mine came true.

I had a dream once. I wanted to do a line of cocaine off a hooker's ass. That's when I realized, 'Hey, I'm freakin' Zach Braff.' I did it the next morning.

We’re so happy they gave us the 8:30 timeslot because it really is something that an 8-year-old can watch, but a parent is not going to roll their eyes. The parents will hopefully love it too.

We’re all going to be doing our part to give this child an extraordinary life, i promise that I ’m going to do that for the rest of my life and I want to make him proud.

When I commit to something I go all in. This, for example, was harder than anything I’ve ever done… This became 100 percent of my life because it demanded more.

I'm by no means condemning prescription medicine for mental health. I've seen it save a lot of people's lives.

I'm a person who likes these sort of movies... sad but moving 'art movies' that normally are at a festival and then they go to a small art house theater and disappear.

When Nike says, just do it, that's a message of empowerment. Why aren't the rest of us speaking to young people in a voice of inspiration?

I am just happy to be part of the Nike family.

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